We recognize the need for secure, clean, well maintained and easy-to-access storage facilities. That is why our current customers continue to recommend our services to new patrons. Think of us as a home away from home for your valued possessions. Anything from wine, documents, electronics, and furniture is welcome to inhabit are quarters for any period of time. We offer both mini- storage and warehousing, temporary or permanent.

And because different needs require different services, our company offers to specialized storage opportunities to accommodate your needs:


Our self-storage option allows you to save all that memorabilia you canít quite let go, and then some. Secured with your own lock and key, and with direct access to the room and property (24 hour notice Ė security reasons), the room is totally private, and can only be accessed by you, unless otherwise consented to our personnel in your presence.

Full Service Storage

Mostly, but not limited to, our customers in the moving transition, our Full Service option offers complete service in retrieving, delivering, and storing items from any location or locations. We assume door-to-door responsibility for your property at your request. Youíll have direct access to the room and property, with personnel accompanying. If necessary, you donít even need to visit the facility; with an exact inventory and list of instructions, we can do all transportation and storage ourselves, while you take care of other business.


5'x3' - $55

5'x5' - $65

5'x7' - $85

7'x7' - $112

5'x10' - $124

6'x10' - $124

8'x10' - $138

10'x10' - $158

10'x12' - $188

10'x15' - $228

10'x18' - $285

10'x20' - $328

*Pricing is subject to change depending on length of stay. Ask for details.

Regardless of which option you choose, both assume these guarantees:
1.Rent a storage room on a month-to-month basis or per year, pending the circumstance.
2.Climate controlled, for preservation of specific items.
3.Rooms with different degrees of size, depending upon amount of space required or desired for items of all size (i.e. clothes, keepsakes, records, furniture, art, electronics, etc.)
4.Well-maintained, clean, illuminated rooms.
5.100% Security
6.Easy to reach and maximum accessibility at various locations.
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